Additional Instructional Resources & Units

The Call of the Wild
Instructional Unit and Resources

Focus on Vocabulary Expansion,
Theme, and Grammer
Including Text based Writing
The Devil's Arithmetic

Historical Fiction
Reading Comprehension with
Historical Background Webquest.
Anne Frank WebquestThe Diary of Anne Frank

Focus on the dramatic production
based on diary includes WebQuest.

Animal Farm
Examination of the Alegorical look
at the Russian Revolution.
Reading focuses on Point of View and Symbolism
Includes Webquest for historical background.

Collection of Resources
for critical examinations
of Literature.
Roll of Thunder: Hear My Cry

Historical Background Webquest
examining the conditions in the Jim
Crow South.


Resources for the Argumentative Essay
Includes instructional lessons
and possible topics.

The Autobiographical Essay

Handouts & Writing Resources
Additional Literary Resources