Argumentative Essay
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The Clallenge

  1. Select a debatable topic and pick a side to defend in an argumentative essay.
  2. Complete some reading/research on your topic to familiarize yourself with both sides of your issue.
  3. Find credible supporting articles to collect supporting evidence supporting your side of the argument.
  4. Plan your argument using either an outline or the provided graphic organizer.
  5. Use the Rough Draft Checklist to help you draft your argument.
  6. Get Feedback from a classmate on your draft and then edit and revise your work.
  7. Use FlipGrid to produce a 90 second newscast of your argument.
  8. Respond to two other classmate's FlipGrid newscasts.

Classroom Links to Content Relevant to Argumentative Essay Topics

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Other topics and related information that may be helpful.

Classroom Lessons

Plagiarism and How to Avoid It (click the image)

One more video to help clarify