Study Guide and Web resources for students reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London. 

Students in Mr. Ott's language arts classes will find the links below helpful in their study of this novel.  This will be one of the most challenging reading experiences that most of our students will have faced up to this point in their schooling.  Many students will find the reading arduous, but upon completion all students will find that they possess a stronger command of their language if they actively strive to master this piece of literature.

Practice activities will be posted here regularly once the reading begins.  Students who take advantage of these activities will find that their efforts translate into success.  Also, students may want to take advantage of the download center at the bottom of the page.  Handouts and study guides that are used as we read may be downloaded from here after they have been assigned.  If you need a clean copy, you can find it here.

Although each student will be given their own copy of the novel, students may also wish to access electronic copies of the text on the internet.

Click to Access

full interactive text version
of the "The Call of the Wild"


The Call of the Wild

Full text with Audio by Lit2Go

This is a great way to review the day's reading without having to read the text completely on your own.

Simplified version of the text in Audiobook format. 
Listen and read along.

This may not use the same language, but it is the same story.  If you are struggling with the full text, this may help you follow the story.

The Vocabulary portion of this unit is more difficult than students have experienced this year.  To help gain a thorough understanding of the meanings and usage of the selected vocabulary, students may find that several examples of each words use helpful.   Both of these links offer search tools to access the usage of the vocabulary in context.   Students are encouraged to explore both resources.

Click on the walking wolf
to search the text of the novel for the
correct usage of assigned vocabulary words.

The latest Hollywood version of the story hits theaters on February 21.

Download Center:   
If you lose a handout or would simply like a new one to redo your notes, this is the place.  Links will become active as handouts are used in class.

Chapters 1 & 2
Vocabulary Assignment #1     

A Brief Thematic Experience Side 1 & Side 2

Chapter 1 - 2 Study Guide - to be completed as the chapter is read.  This is particularly useful during the rereading of classroom readings and should be used to help focus the students attention during rereading.

Vocabulary Practice #1  - students should use their vocabulary assignment to complete the contextual use activity.

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Study Guide

Vocabulary Practice #1 Too and Answer Sheet
This is an additional practice activity that students may complete and check on their own. 

Vocabulary Review #1 (Extra Study Sheet)
This activity will  be reviewed during the morning study session prior to the vocabulary test. Students may complete this on their own and come to the review to discuss the answers or they may pick up a copy the morning of the study session.

The Dominant Primordial Beast - Team Activity
Side 2 - Map

Chapter 4
Vocabulary Assignment #2
Chapter 4 Study Guide

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Study Guide

Women of the Klondike
Vocabulary Practice #2

Vocabulary Practice #2 Too and Answer Sheet

Vocabulary Review #2(Extra Study Sheet)
This activity will  be reviewed during the morning study session prior to Vocabulary Test #2  Students may complete this on their own and come to the review.

Chapter 6 & 7
Chapter 6 and 7 Study Guide

The Metamorphosis of Buck

Super Duper Sentences Team Submissions

Novel Review

Practice Using Context Clues

Online Study Guide - Sparknotes Novel Guide
Free Registration required for complete access.


Comparison/Contrast Essay
Students complete a comparison/contrast essay comparing the novel to the movie, "The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon."  Extra copies of instructional handouts related to this assignment can be accessed below.

Argumentative Essay

On Line
Vocabulary Practice & Grammar Activities

Vocabulary Practice with

Vocabulary Assignment #1

Vocabulary Assignment #2

Vocabulary Assignment #1 Word Games (1-10)

Vocabulary Assignment #1 Word Games (11-20)

Vocabulary Practice Test #1 (On Level)

Vocabulary Practice Test #1 (Advanced)



In Class Grammar Activities

More Help with Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

Vocabulary Assignment #2 Word Games (1-10)

Vocabulary Assignment #2 Word Games (11-20)

Vocabulary Practice Test #2 (On Level) 

Vocabulary Practice Test #2 (Advanced)



Jack London Net - Informative site exploring both his life and his literature.

The Jack London Collection - Huge site devoted to all aspects of London's life and work.

Gold Rush Terms  - What do some of those unusual words really mean?

National Parks Klondike Gold Rush Page

Explore North Gold Rush Links

Photographs from the Klondike Region and the Gold Rush

Overview of the Klondike Gold Rush with related  Photographs from the Washington Library.

The Call - listen to real wolves kidding!

What Makes a Great Sled Dog - National Geographic Article and Video

The Official Iditarod Sled Race Site

This page and the study guide resources for the novel have been designed by me (Greg Ott) for the use of my students at Valley Jr. High School in Salt Lake City Utah.   Visitors are welcome to use these materials and/or this site to enhance their own study of the novel.  I am always interested in the successful use of these materials and am likewise interested in suggested improvements.  Please direct questions and/or comments to me at .  Thank you for stopping by.                             Return to Greg Ott's Homepage