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The Woman the Mercury Astronauts
Could Not Do Without
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Jim Crow Laws
Questioning The Story Dorothy Vaughan
The Rise and Fall
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Margot Shetterly: The Author
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NASA Invites the Media to Talk with Cast
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Separate but not Equal
Brown vs. Board of Education
Katherine Johnson, Hidden Figures,
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National Historic Park
The Hidden Black Women Who
Helped Win the Space Race
From Computers to Leaders
Women at NASA Langley
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Secgregation in the United States
The True Story of "Hidden Figures" "Hidden Figures" and the
Journey to Celebrate NASA's
Black Female Pioneers
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"Segregation in America"
The True Story of "Hidden Figures"   School Segregation in America is as Bad
Today as It was in the 1960's
Katherine Johnson:
The Girl Who Loved to Count
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Jim Crow Laws and Racial Segregation
She Was a Computer
When Computers Wore Skirts
  Introduction to the
Civil Rights Movement

Katherine Johnson:
A Lifetime of STEM

  Civil Rights Movement - Timeline