Anne Frank WebQuest

The story of Anne Frank and her family's efforts to hide during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands is a story of thousands of families' efforts to simply live their lives and survive an oppressive government's genocidal policy during WWII.   Students should use the links below in preparation for their reading of the theatrical adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank.  Students may download a copy of the WebQuest handout by clicking HERE.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Start Here:  Browse through the links under "NAZI RULE" to get a sense for how a political party can gain control over the minds of a population and then use that control to get that population to blindly support the unthinkable.
Be sure to browse the Timeline of events and the included videos to get a sense for how these historical events unfolded in time.
The Secret Annex Online
1.  After watching the opening video, navigate your way through the 3D tour of the house. There are several ways to navigate the various rooms in the space. 
2.  Read about each of the eight occupants of the secret annex by selecting
     Who is Who? 
3.  Be sure to click on the link for additional information on each individual.  
     Who do you think Anne will have problems with? 
     Who do you think she will get along with the best?
4.  Finally, view the videos on The Outcome page of the site.

Anne Frank's History
Browse the timeline links for an overall historical perspective on her life.

Anne Frank Timeline
Go to "Tips" and view the video on using the timeline before attempting to browse the historical links and photographs.

Google Cultural Institute "Anne Frank Timeline"

Another interactive timeline - Goes all the way through the production of the movie about her experience.



Once you finish the WebQuest, feel free to browse the additional Anne Frank links below.