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If you ended up here, you must want to know something about me. Here are a few of the basics.

I grew up on a horse farm in Micanopy, Florida.  That's about fifteen miles south of the University of Florida, where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in English.  I've taught middle school language arts and reading for the last thirty-one years, and have taught in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. I currently teach 7th Graders at CD Hunking Middle School in Haverhill, MA and am looking forward to beginning my 32nd year in education.

I enjoy travel, hiking, paddle-boarding,  photography, and occasionally a round of golf, but if you see me on the golf course, you might want to keep your eyes wide open and your ears alert for a piercing "Fore!"  I can hit a wild shot with no prior  warning and from any position on the course. 

My wife and I are the proud parents of two English bulldogs.  Pebbles and Bam Bam have certainly added adventure to our household and keep us laughing when they aren't barking at the neighbors.


Here is a video of our experience in Iceland this summer.


That's pretty much it for me.  If you think you want to know are welcome to ask.


The Websites below are some of my favorites:

I can find most anything I need to find at

Public Domain Electronic Texts at
The Alex Catalogue of
     Electronic Texts

My favorite magazine
National Geographic

All the online grammar help I
could ever want and more
Guide to Grammar
and Writing

Serious Error Control
Common Errors
In English

First Class Higher Learning

I received the Milken Award in 2009 representing the state of GA.
This generated quite a bit of attention for me at the time.  While that may have been a long time ago, I'm still firing on all cylinders!

Georgia Standards

I haven't updated my profile in a while.
(You know where I teach.)


If you need to contact me, I can be reached easily by email at