August 29 - Semptember 2

Assignments listed here represent the "Plan" for the week.  Plans of course are subject to change as needed, so this should not be considered the last word on what will take place in class or will be assigned for homework.  When plans do change however, the changes will be reflected here (hopefully by the evening of the day in which they are known to exist).

Welcome to 7th Grade!

Ott Class Help Pass
clip and use for the week of 8/29

Students who need extra assistance or need to discuss their projects may clip this pass and use it to see me Tuesday - Thursday in the morning before school.

Extra Help is available this week.

Students may use this pass to get help with assigned work
or to discuss Book Projects and Presentations.

Students without passes may not be permitted
to enter the
building before school.

All 7th Grade ELAR Classes


Open House

I look forward to meeting my new families.

Homework: Students, get a good night's sleep.  The rest of your life begins tomorrow.


  • Introduction to life in Mr. Ott's 7th Grade Language Arts class.  Expections and considerations will be discussed as we get to know a little more about each other.

  • Students will open the first Weekly Interactive Notebook and respond to a passage read from Lucy Grealy's Autobiorgraphy of a Face.  Students will respond in writing to the selection and volunteers will share and discuss their thoughts.

  • Class Syllabus will be distributed and students will be given their first homework assignment.

Homework: Students should review the syllabus with their parents and get them to complete the "Parent Homework" assignment that is included with the syllabus.  Students are asked to return the signed 1/2 of the syllabus indicating that they have completed their mission by the end of this week.


  • Students will review routines and expectations for class before begining their Virtual Locker.  This is an assignment that is designed to help them become more familiar with me and to help me get to know what matter to them.  I will be reviewing my own locker with the students and discussing how to use the notes section to clarify any items that they add to their locker.

  • Once students have finished this activity, they will be permitted to browse my shelves in an effort to find an independent reading novel that they will use in class daily and be expected to read 30 minutes five nights per week.

Homework: Students who have turned in the signed page from the class syllabus do not have additional homework tonight.  Students who still need to review the syllabus with their parents should get this done.


  • Students will review routines and expectations for class before begining writing their life's story.  This will require some thought as they need to boil the essence of their life into a six word statement...The Six Word Memoir.  We will discuss the plannig process for this before they begin and they will be introduced to my own memoir.  Students who do an exceptional job with assignment may find their work published annonomously.

  • Once students have completed their memoirs, they will move on to the Specialty Licence Plate.  We will discuss the significance of these types of mesages and why people pay extra registration fees to display these messages on their vehicles.

  • Student who finish these activities today with time to spare may read their novels, select a novel, or work categorizing the Fiction Terms on Slide 9 of their interactive notebook.

Homework: Students who have completed their assignments for the week so far have no additional homework.

Friday - Early Release Day

  • Students will review routines and expectations for class before completing the Friday Funny Bone activity.

  • We will then discuss the Weekly Review Slide, which students will complete reflecting on their first week of 7th Grade.  In the future, this slide will focus more on what they learned in language arts over the course of the week.

Homework: Have a great Labor Day Weekend.  You've survived the first week of 7th Grade!  I'll see you next week for Week #2.