October 8-12

Assignments listed here represent the "Plan" for the week.  Plans of course are subject to change as needed, so this should not be considered the last word on what will take place in class or will be assigned for homework.  When plans do change however, the changes will be reflected here (hopefully by the evening of the day in which they are known to exist).

Poetry Project due by the
end of class on Friday.

Ott Class Help Pass
clip and use for the week of
October 9

Students who need extra assistance or need to discuss their projects may clip this pass and use it to see me Tuesday - Friday in the morning before school, any day during lunch, or Monday - Wednesday after school. 

Extra Help is available this week.

Students may use this pass to get
help with
their Poetry Project

Students without passes may not be permitted
to enter the
building before school.

All 8th Grade ELA Classes


  • Students Enjoy Columbus Day off.

Homework:  Enterprising students may want to begin working on their poetry project that is due by the end of the week.

  • Students will begin class with a  review their reading and analysis of "The Cold Within" before viewing a brief biography on Frederick Douglass.  They will then read an excerpt from "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" and attempt to make connections between the two pieces.

  • Students will then collaboratively answer three questions comparing the structural elements of the two pieces.  Responses will be shared and discussed.

  • We will review the expectations for the Poetry Analysis project and students will get remaining time to work on their projects.

Homework:  Poetry Analysis project is due by Friday.


  • Students will begin class with a look at how to use the evaluation rubric to help them develop the content in their projects.

  • Students will then continue their work on their projects.  By today students should have completed the paraphrase of their lyrics and begun the analysis of their chosen lyrics, marking up the lyrics as they go.

Homework:   Poetry Analysis project is due by Friday.

Thursday - many students will miss class today due to the PSAT administration.   Students who miss class should independently make progress on their projects.

  • Class will begin with a look at an area that is giving many students difficulty as they work on their projects or on a strategy for using one of the online publishing tools students may use to complete their final drafts of their projects.
  • Students will have the remaining time to work on their projects.

Homework:  Poetry Analysis project is due by Friday.


  • Students will begin class with an introduction to the persuasive appeals.  Students will note the use of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos and practice their application in popular media.
  • Students will be permitted to use the second half of class for the completion of their Poetry Analysis Projects.

Homework:  There is no expected homework assignment tonight if students have completed their projects; however, students who do not submit their projects by the end of class should do so as soon as possible to avoid losing credit for late work.