August 14 - 18

Assignments listed here represent the "Plan" for the week.  Plans of course are subject to change as needed, so this should not be considered the last word on what will take place in class or will be assigned for homework.  When plans do change however, the changes will be reflected here (hopefully by the evening of the day in which they are known to exist).

Ott Class Help Pass
clip and use for the week of August

Students who need extra assistance on assigned work this week  may clip this pass and use it to see me Tuesday - Friday in the morning (8:30 - 9:25) or Monday - Thursday after school. 

Extra Help is available beginning this week.

Students may use this pass to get help with assigned work
or to discuss Book Projects and Presentations.

Students without passes may not be permitted
to enter the
building before school.

8th Grade ELA and English Classes


  • Students will begin the class with a quick review of classroom procedures, and their progress towards remembering them from the previous class will be discussed.
  • Students will then receive and begin setting up their Writers Notebook that we will use throughout the year.
  • Students will listen to a excerpt from memoir titled The Autobiography of a Face.  The scene reflects a girls experience in the cafeteria at school.  Students will respond in the form of a FreeWrite titled simply "Bullying."  Volunteers will share their responses and we will discuss my attitude towards bullying and why all of us bear a responsibility for the treatment of those around us.  This is a good topic of discussion to continue at home as the experience will likely trigger some vivid personal experiences.

Homework:  There is no expected homework assignment tonight if students have completed Parent Homework Assignment; however, students who have not turned this in should get their folks to complete it tonight.

Tuesday   -B Day

  • Students will begin the class with a brief reemphasis on daily routines. 
  • Students will then begin the 6 Word Memoir and the Specialty License Plate after they are both described to the class.  Students who finish this process before the rest of us will get some time to browse my shelves for an independent reading book.
  • Students will then complete a peer interview with a partner and pairs will then introduce their partners to the class.  This experience will also be used to establish classroom expectations for speaking and listening in the classroom.
  • Student pairs will begin introducing their partners to class.  We will continue the introductions until we run out of time.  We will likely continue these introductions throughout the rest of the week.

HomeworkStudents who have not completed their Six Word Memoir and their Specialty tag should do so by Friday.  Students who are productively using their time in class should have no problem finishing this in class.

Wednesday  - A Day

  • Students will begin the class with a brief reemphasis on daily routines. 
  • Students will continue Peer Introductions and then be introduced to the "Getting Squared Away" activity taking a look at several aspects of their lives.  Once students have answered the questions for the identified 16 sections of their lives, they will plan their mini-posters on the back of the questions.  Once students have completed their plan, they will select colored construction paper to construct a final draft that will ultimately go in the front of their Writer's Notebook and provide a variety of writing topics for them to explore over the course of the year.

Homework:  The three assignments from Monday through today are all due by the end of the class Friday.

Thursday   -B Day

  • Students will begin the class with a brief reemphasis on daily routines. 
  • Students will then complete any remaining Peer Introductions.
  • Student will have the remainder of class time to work on assignments due on Friday.  Students who finish early may select a novel from my shelves to read independently.

HomeworkSix Word Memoir, Specialty License Plate, and Getting Squared Away are all due by the end of class Friday.  Students who may need more twenty minutes to work on these assignments should be taking them home for homework.

Friday  - B Day

  • Students will begin the class with a brief reemphasis on daily routines. 
  • Students will then be introduced to the Weekly Warm-Up routines for each day of the week.
  • After the weekly warm-up schedule is presented, students will experience the first "Friday" warm-up routine.
  • Students will examine a cartoon and draw conclusions about the message being sent by the artist.  Ultimately, they will construct their own caption for the cartoon in an attempt to expose the humor of the cartoon.   Results from the reflection questions will be discussed and possible captions shared before the actual caption is revealed.
  • Students will use remaining time to complete any unfinished assignments for this week.  Students will use any spare time to select an independent reading novel and to read independently.

Homework:  Students who have completed all of their work this week have no additional homework.