I’m so hungry I could eat a. . .


We use hyperboles all the time (which is a hyperboleJ).  Hyperboles are exaggerations that are used for dramatic effect or to add emphasis. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse?” Perhaps your mother has gotten upset with you for not doing a chore, because she’s told you a million times. That’s hyperbole.  Hyperboles are exaggerations so extravagant that they would never be true. 

Open up a Google Doc and title it “Hyperbole.” Follow the link below to read I Ate a Spicy Pepper.  If you’d like, you can hear it read aloud as well. 

Choose four of the hyperboles used and explain why they were used, or how they create imagery for us.


Hyperbole: I told you a million times that you need to clean your room.                                                                                

Explanation: Hyperbole is used to show that the person is upset with whoever s/he is talking to because that person has already been told multiple times that the room needs to be cleaned.

Then, complete the following sentences to create your own hyperbole.

I am so hungry _____________________.

He is as skinny as _____________________.

This car goes faster than _____________________.

That new car costs _____________________.

They ran like _____________________.

Her brain is the size of a _____________________.

He is older than _____________________.