Oct. 29 - Nov. 2

Assignments listed here represent the "Plan" for the week.  Plans of course are subject to change as needed, so this should not be considered the last word on what will take place in class or will be assigned for homework.  When plans do change however, the changes will be reflected here (hopefully by the evening of the day in which they are known to exist).

Dialectical Response Due on Friday

Ott Class Help Pass
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October 29

Students who need extra assistance or need to discuss their projects may clip this pass and use it to see me Tuesday - Friday in the morning before school, any day during lunch, or Monday - Wednesday after school. 

Extra Help is available this week.

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their Poetry Project

Students without passes may not be permitted
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All 8th Grade ELA Classes


  • Students will begin class 15 minutes of independent reading.

  • Students will then be introduced to Edgar Allen Poe before reading the first three paragraphs of "The Tell-Tale Heart."

  • Students will then construct a critical examination of the author's use of Dramatic Irony before reading the rest of the text.

  • Finally, students will complete a grammatical examination of the use of the proper use of the "Effect" while applying it to their response to their reading of the story.

Homework:  Dialectical Response due Friday.

  • Students will begin class with 15 minutes of independent reading.

  • Students will then review their written responses from yesterday's class to the opening lines of "The Tell-Tale Heart" and the impact of the author's use of dramatic Irony.

  • Students will then examine a video interpretation of Poe's story and construct a written response examining the extent to which the video creator stayed true to the original.  Results will be shared and discussed.

Homework:  Dialectical Response due Friday.


  • Students will begin class by cleaning out their materials from their bins.

  • Students will then be introduced to the new seating chart.  After students find their new seats, students will examine the role this new arrangement will play in their day to day work in class.

  • Students will complete a team-building process designed to establish some group cohesion with their new tablemates attempting to come up with a team identity which they will then present to the class.

Homework:  Dialectical Response due Friday.


  • Students will complete the team building process from yesterday if additional time is needed and then complete the class spelling bee.  A winner will represent the class in the school bee.
  • Following the Bee, students will read "A Lamb to the Slaughter," which they will ultimately compare to Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart.

Homework:  Dialectical Response due Friday.


  • Students will begin class with a return to the Funny Bone, making inferential observations about the given cartoon.
  • Students will then read an informational piece about Psychopaths before completing a collaborative exercise determining, which character from this week's reading to take to trial for murder, the narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart" or " The wife from "A Lamb to the Slaughter."  Students will have to decide which case they have the sufficient evidence for a successful prosicution.

Homework:  Dialectical Response due Today.