Homework & Daily Assignment Assessment Rubric

The rubric below is used to calculate grades for homework and daily assignments.  One or more of the listed criteria will be used to assess any given assignment.  Students will know in advance, which criteria will be used to assess any assignment and should be able to relate that information clearly to parents.


Points Criteria

Top QualityAcceptable QualityMinimal QualitySubstandard QualityPoor Quality
Completeness100% Complete Followed spoken & written directions90% Complete Followed spoken & written directions70% Complete or Better  Directions mostly followed50% Complete or Better  Directions not followedLess Than 50% Complete  Directions not followed


80% or Better60% or Better50% or BetterLess than 50%Less than 50%

Development F.R.I.E.D. Facts      Reasons   Incident Examples   Details

Thorough, well developed response 

Meets or exceeds length requirement

FRIED - Strong

Generally complete response

Additional development needed 

FRIED - Adequate

Partially complete response

Length requirement not met

FRIED - Insufficient

Insufficient response

Content reflects limited understanding or effort

FRIED - Little or none

Insufficient response

Content reflects inadequate attempt

FRIED - None