Book Project Samples


The animation represents an exemplary, creative response to the novel in the style of a video game.  Project explanation can be found at the end of the video clarifying the reader's interpretation of the novel and the point she is making about it through the project.
Board Game

Nice example of a well planned and well constructed game.  All elements of the game, from the instruction manual to the three different types of cards, reflect important themes and events found within the novel.

Instruction manual does a great job tying the rules of the game thematically to the play of the game.  It is not necessary to read the related book to successfully enjoy the game.

Abstract Painting

Creative acrylic interpretation of the conflicts experienced by the main character of this "Who Done It" mystery novel.  

The attached project explanation clarifies the thematic significance of the central  image and the surrounding details.

  The Lightning Thief     The Sea of Monsters
Video Game(s)

Creative and interactive response to The Lightning Thief.  This student-produced game takes the player through several key experiences of discovery for the main character of the novel.

The opening page explains the thematic connection between the game and the novel and directs the player to the key strokes needed to successfully navigate through the levels of the game.  Each challenge is accompanied by an explanation of the significance of that particular experience.

Click to picture to play...Good Luck.  Also, check out this student's latest project based on The Sea of Monsters.

3-D Model

Recreation of the setting from the novel, Among the Volcanoes.  Project emphasizes the contrast between the beautiful tropical setting and the impending danger represented by the volcanoes.

Project explanation points out the thematic relationship between the setting and the lives of the villagers who live within it.

Newspaper Page

Content rich newspaper depicting stories related to John Steinbeck's The Pearl.

The featured stories deal with news that would likely have been reported in a newspaper from the main character's hometown. The news stories are written in the proper style and include hypothetical quotations from characters in the novel as well as witnesses to the various events reported.

Newspaper Page

Nicely formatted newspaper page addresses the significant events and characters much like any local newspaper might address the newsworthy events from this story.  Student did a great job taking advantage of formatting software to create realistic and well written front page.  News articles nicely reflect an awareness of news writing style and relevant events were chose for the feature stories.

Interpretive Drawing

Thematic artistic interpretation of John Steinbeck's The Pearl.

Although this project was created in response to the same novel as the one above, it obviously reflects an original and unique examination of the novel.  The required explanation can be seen in the lower left hand corner.

Music CD and Insert

Selection of thematically related songs and related explanations for the relationship between each song and elements from the story.  CD insert includes a page for each song and a detailed explanation for how the lyrics thematically relate to the novel.  The last panel gives an overall explanation for how the music thematically relates to the novel. 

Felt, Hand-stitched Mural

Good example of a very labor intensive effort.  All of the text on the project is hand-stitched and has a specific purpose.  Theme is clearly stated and on the right. Project illustrates the relationship between the main character and the Saints.


This artistic interpretation attempts to reflect the playful, childlike characters in the novel as well as their carefree attitude about life.  

The required written explanation is creatively integrated into the stairway in front of the house.

Newspaper Page

Creative construction of a possible newspaper page from Arthur C. Clarke's, 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Product is very nicely organized and rich in original content.

Newspaper articles expose prevalent themes in the novel.


Children's Pop-up Book

This is only one page of several that illustrate significant symbols in The Hobbit.

This is a very creative and impressively constructed product.  Explanation of the significance of each accompanies each symbol.



Very creative game created in response to The Giver by Lois Lowry. The play of the game centers on the unusual communication between the two main characters of the book.

A knowledge of the story is not necessary to fully enjoy this game.  Players attempt to earn books of knowledge as the "receive" the thoughts of their partner.

Instruction manual is included and the relationship between the game and the novel is clearly indicated on the game board and manual.


Vacation package advertisement to the Island of the Blue Dolphins.  The project features vacation amenities that relate to experiences of the main character from the novel.

Project is both visually and content rich.

Poster and Report

Well organized and well constructed poster focuses on significant issue within the story and explains the impact that issue has on the characters in the story.

3-D Model 

Scene illustrates the an important scene from a novel.  Project explanation can be seen on the right of the castle.  Bubbles in the upper right and left hand corners help show the wealth of detail constructed throughout the project.  Almost every element of this project is handmade.  Important elements of the scene are also labeled.


Good example of a well planned and well constructed game.  All elements of the game, from the instruction manual to the chance cards, reflect important themes and events found within the novel.

Although it is not necessary to have read The Hobbit to enjoy playing this game, a knowledge of the novel certainly makes the play more meaningful.  It easily accommodates six players and may take up to 45 minutes to complete.