Mr. Otts "At Home Learning" Supplemental Page

I know some of you will need more of a challenge than will be afforded by the district wide 8th Grade assignments,
so I've included a few resources here to keep your mind active and your senses sharp...we don't want you getting soft with all of this time spent at home.

Do at least 15 minutes a day to strengthen your vocabulary muscles.
I have added several new lists to build your verbal acuity.
Make sure to sign-in with your Google Account. 
Weekly winners will once again be awarded the virtual "Vocabulary Star."
I have sent you an IXL email with access information, and I've selected the grade level skills that I'd recommend practicing.
                Be sure to Sign In
If you go to the topics menu, select a topic you are interested in strengthening, then navigate to your grade level, you will see the skills I've starred for you. If you want a challenge, try out the high school skills.  I can see your progress as you work on selected skills.  Let's flex those muscles everyday.

Access the interactive lessons below.  You will need to sign in using your Google Account.
When you are finished, select "review my work" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 
This will open a pop up window.  Copy the URL for this window and submit it to the Extra
Credit assignment in Google Classroom.  I then be able to see all of your saved work.

Got a grade that is weighing you down or bumbing you out?

Read one of these short stories (Yes the whole thing), complete a dialectic response to substutue for that pesky grade.  Send it to me with an explanation of what grade you would like to substitute, and I'll give you the credit.

This is worth up to 20 points.
(You may do as many as 3 of these)